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Finally, the much talked about top of the line Bentley SUV has been unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The Crewe based manufacturer of luxury cars, Bentley Motors, has just revealed their EXP 9F Luxury SUV design concept car to the motoring world this week.

The Bentley concept SUV gives us all a chance to see what the company have planned for the future in the 4×4 variety. The experimental named ‘EXP 9F’ Luxury SUV will be powered by a mighty 600bhp W12 Bentley engine, although it is expected that Bentley will be offering a V8 turbo diesel and even a plug-in hybrid by the time the vehicle hits the streets in 2016.

Inside the Bentley concept SUV the interior is as you would expect and befitting a luxury car of this calibre, as there is plenty of leather throughout the inside and all the luxury gadgets and gizmos you would hope to find in an SUV made by Bentley Motors.

So, if you want more information about Bentley luxury cars or are currently considering the purchase of a used Bentley, then maybe it is time to talk to one of the top UK Bentley dealers, Romans International.

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