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The prestigious automotive manufacturer Bentley Motors based in Crewe, are offering a selection of privileged guests the opportunity to attend the 2012 Power On Ice event.

This years event has been organised by Bentley to celebrate the achievement of the new world record of 205.48mph, which was set by World rally champion ‘Juha Kankkunen’ driving a Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible on a frozen thick sheet of ice in Finland earlier this year.

Locations for these events will take place in Finland, Canada and China, which have been chosen for their icy perfection, so the Bentley guests will discover how exceptionally well the Bentley cars perform on snow, smooth and ice harsh weather conditions.

This will be a comprehensive two-day tuition programme, which will be set within a controlled environment to fully demonstrate the winter capabilities of Bentley’s all-wheel drive, traction control and the car’s overall performance in such extreme conditions.

So if you are looking to purchase a used Bentley and enjoy all the luxurious driving safety features you would expect from such a prestigious marque. So make sure you contact Romans International, as we are your local Bentley luxury car specialist, offering you exemplary service and experience when purchasing your next luxury car.

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