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The Crewe based manufacturer of luxury cars Bentley Motors has announced today that it will be making the Bentley Mulsanne “Executive Interior Concept” a reality.

The Bentley Mulsanne, featuring the unique “Executive Interior Concept”, was first seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. Now, Bentley has said it will be moving this specification into the commissioning suite for the ultimate business executive car interior for people on the move.

Bentley has said the new Mulsanne Executive Interior will showcase the introduction of Theatre and iPad specifications, offering state-of-the-art multimedia connectivity. The Theatre specification will include a choice of DVD movies, television programmes and music, all of which is offered via a 15.6-inch centrally located HD LED screen. Business users will be able to take advantage of the powerful capability and connectivity options of the boot-mounted Apple Mac computer, which includes 4G mobile broadband controlled via the HD LED display screen.

The twin iPad specification offers users office level functionality and connectivity, and also features wireless keyboards for ease of use. All the electronic gadgetry is normally concealed, but is accessible at the touch of a button.

So, if you want more information about the Bentley Mulsanne Executive Interior or are currently considering the purchase of a used Bentley, then maybe it is time to talk to one of the top Bentley dealers in the UK, Romans International.

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