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The UK’s luxury car manufacturer Bentley Motor Company has confirmed it will be receiving an approximate £3 million grant from the UK government, which has been designed to safeguard jobs at the Crewe based factory.

Bentley motor company exports over around 80% of its products and as other global economies continue with the recovery, some newer economies are flourishing. So the luxury car company is starting to see the investment which has been made in models such as the new Continental GT and the Mulsanne beginning to pay off, with increased demand.

The RGF (Regional Growth Fund) is aimed at stabilizing manufacturing sectors, such as certain UK automotive companies, like Bentley. The grant is aiming at stabilising jobs and support development projects, in Bentleys case a newly developed engine and also creating a small number of extra jobs within the company’s 900-strong engineering department.

With the rising demand for its luxury cars in countries like India, Qatar and China, this grant should help see Bentley have continued growth in these new emerging markets. So if you are looking to buy luxury cars or maybe you are looking for particular luxury car model and would like more information, then contact Romans International the luxury car specialist, for unparalleled service and advice.

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