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The luxury car marque Bentley is synonymous with luxury, style and performance, but how about ski resorts in winter? Well, to show off the all-year driving ability of the Bentley Continental GT and GTC with its All-Wheel-Drive system, the company has just completed a gruelling winter European expedition.

These luxury cars covered an amazing 2,485 miles (or 4,000KM) across some of Europe’s most challenging roads, which link many of the top alpine mountain resorts.

During the journey, the Bentley Continental cars accumulated almost 30,000 meters altitude (or 98,425 feet), and faced minus temperatures and harsh winter conditions with predominant snow and ice in the area.

The journey finale saw the Bentley cars reach the prestigious Swiss resort of Gstaad (3,440 ft above sea level) in south west Switzerland. The Bentley Continental cars completed the journey with flying colours as testament to the all-wheel-drive system and its ability in these difficult winter conditions.

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