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Mercedes-Benz the luxury car marque is now offering a new safety feature on their B-Class models; the new feature is called “Brake Assist” technology.

This new feature is a radar-based collision warning system with adaptive “Brake Assist” (assistance) as a safety addition for drivers. Which means that Mercedes-Benz B-Class model will be the first car in the compact market sector worldwide, which offers this technology as standard.

Mercedes have carried out a number of controlled tests using a driving simulator with three typical scenarios, with the help of 110 different drivers. The final results displayed that in these tests the accident rate fell from 44 percent to 11 percent, using a combination of “Collision Prevention Assist” and adaptive “Brake Assist”.

This new technology gives both a visual and acoustic warning to alert a possibly distracted driver and prepares Brake Assist for a precise braking response.

The German luxury car manufacturer feels the introduction of this technology will have a significantly positive effect on accident statistics on our roads. The new B-Class Mercedes will be making its way into dealerships during November 2011.

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