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The Aston Martin luxury car brand typifies everything that is English and is recognised the world over as the preferred luxury performance car of fictional superspy James Bond.

This weekend, the esteemed company Aston Martin are out in force for the prestigious Top Marques Monaco event to show the new Vantage range.

The annual event showcases the very best in top luxury cars, watches and superboats. The new Aston Martin vantage range was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last month so the Top Marques Monaco event is an ideal platform to show off the 2012 Vantage range to potential wealthy buyers, many of whom are aware of the prestige associated with the British based car company.

Aston Martin has indicated that the new Vantage range has had its biggest transformation and upgrade in the last four years. Demand has increased world wide for the Newport Pagnall built luxury cars, so Aston Martin have reacted to market forces and produced the most exciting Vantage range so far. The range sees many new standard features, modification upgrades, a more powerful engine and new transmission options, like the new seven-speed Sportshift II automated manual transmission, which features in the new Vantage S.

If you are currently considering one of the new Aston Martin range, or you are looking to purchase a used Aston Martin, then contact Romans International in Surrey. We are one of the top dealers for Aston Martin and used luxury cars in the UK, who specialise in performance and luxury cars.

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