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Things seem to be very busy down in Gayden, the HQ of Aston Martin Lagonda. As Aston Martin dealers get excited about the new Vanquish and the V12 Vantage Roadster it is now anticipated that there will be a new Rapide model to be released next year.

With much of the attention on the new Vanquish is this the reason why AML have decided to cut-back production on the V12 Zagato, the limited edition supercar will now be built to just 101 models instead of the initial 150 that was first announced. Though ultimately this means the car will become ultra-rare making it more desirable and probably increase their value it is thought that the reason could be due to lack of deposits put down for the £330,000 future iconic car.

For the Rapide there has been talk of a Rapide S for a while now but so far there is no official announcement and it is more likely that the Rapide will get a facelift and a power boost for the 2013 model. Though the Rapide is a stunning luxury saloon the sales figures have disappointed due to it’s high prices and mediocre performance stats when compared with it’s rivals. The new model has been spied testing and is in production but there are no official details as yet but we can expect a big improvement.

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