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As the winter driving conditions deteriorate with the current spell of bad weather because of fronts from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, this could be just the right time to invest in Bentley’s winter driving accessories.

If you drive either a Bentley Continental or Mulsanne you can now buy Bentley approved winter driving accessories from luxury car dealers, which have been specially tested and developed for the Continental and Mulsanne to suit winter conditions.

The new Bentley innovative and weather-beating accessories include the ingenious ‘Autosock’, which is an ideal temporary solution to gain extra grip in unexpected slippery wintry weather driving conditions. The Autosock is made from a special fabric that fits snugly over the driven wheels; the fibres in the material allow them to stick to dry snow and ice as the car moves over the ground and maximizes grip for short term use.

Bentley also offers a selection of Snowchains, which have also been specially designed to suits Bentley’s wheel sizes across the range. Additional to this, Bentley dealers can also supply an extensive range of winter tyres in various sizes to suit the new Continental GT and GTC, Continental Supersports, Flying Spur and Mulsanne models, plus tyres suited to older GT and GTC models.

So if you are interested in more information before purchasing a Bentley or you are looking for a quality used Bentley then maybe it is time to talk to one of the top Bentley specialists in the UK, Romans International in Surrey.

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