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One of 2012’s very finest supercars the Mclaren MP4-12C is set to get even better in 2013 as it has been announced that a set of performance upgrades and more options will be available on the 2013 model. All current owners of the Mclaren MP4-12C will be able to take their car to a Mclaren supercar dealer to get the performance upgrades for free.

Along with the 458 Italia and the Lamborghini Aventador these 3 cars have undoubtedly been the 3 hottest cars on the supercar market this year and it is no surprise that Mclaren are trying to get their noses in front of their rivals with a revised model that brings more power and also a series of notable improvements.

Some revised engine mapping and improvements to the SSG gearbox allow the Mclaren to get an increase of 25bhp meaning its V8 engine will now unleash an astonishing 616bhp. The extra power will be told at high speeds as top speed will increase to 207mph while 0-62mph stays at 3.1s. Drivetrain enhancements are said to make the 12C even more rewarding to drive.

Mclaren are aiming to dispel all criticisms one of which was that the 12C didn’t sound quite as ferocious as the 458 so Mclaren have developed an Intake Sound Generator which will increase engine noise depending on whether you are in ‘Normal’ ‘Sport’ or ‘Track’ mode. Another criticism was of the touch sensors to open the doors left many owners frustratingly stroking their cars trying to open it. This has now been replaced with small push buttons on each door.

Customers will now be able to order the car in ‘Volcano Yellow’ a new high quality paint finish while there is also new wheel options and new interior trims available. One other notable change is that Mclaren are making some minor changes to it’s ‘Speed Marque’ badge which is found throughout the car and will be available in 2 different finishes.
Prices are thought to be slightly increased to £176,000 and if your interested in a Mclaren or any other luxury cars then please get in contact with Romans, we are the UK’s leading luxury car dealers.

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