Number Plates

One of the services Romans offers is to retain personalised number plates for our customers and transfer them onto their new luxury car. We also have a fantastic selection of cherished number plates for sale.

All of the reg numbers below are currently for sale at Romans. If you are interested in buying one of these then please contact us for more information.


V4RON £12,00050 NY £20,0005 ONY £20,000

MC14RRN £5,000

F40 WM £4,000R111NED (Ruined) £9,950

YE5 1 CAN £60,000

M1 UTU £1,0008 HAM £16,000
 R8LLS £50,000MY06SLR £1,500Y 5ELL £29,950
 PD11UTE £995


Y11 BUY £5,000
RS05 ONE £950

TUG 2 £20,000

CA11 FOR £1,950
F1 DUA £6,000L1 PAJ £1,000

DA 6AFFA £20,000

F1 NEC £2,500


WE11 BUF £10,000

Y20 AML £1,000


2 PAJ £12,000




Please Note: 5 ONY and 50 NY are 2 separate number plates.