The G-Class or the G-Wagon as it is better known represents a niche market in which has become one of Mercedes-Benz’s longest running models. Originally developed as a military vehicle the G-Wagen has mostly stayed loyal to it’s roots keeping it’s unique boxy styling which has defined it’s character since it was first introduced in 1979. With it’s rugged utilitarian looks and it’s 4-wheel drive capability the G-Wagen may have been intended as an off-road vehicle but it has built such a cult following amongst the wealthy and famous that these days it’s more likely to see one in the more affluent city areas, especially one of the more powerful AMG versions.

Mercedes introduced the GL-Class in 2006 which was intended to replace the G-Class but such was the demand still for the traditional G-wagon style that Mercedes has kept production going on both models. With Mercedes continually upgrading and improving the G-Wagon over it’s lifespan, these days it boasts all the latest technology and comforts which Mercedes has to offer.

The G63 AMG was introduced in 2012 and is today probably the most desirable  and popular model with some impressive performance thanks to it’s twin-turbo V8 AMG engine while the more affordable diesel powered G350 is perhaps the more sensible choice. A V12 powered G65 AMG does exist though it is not currently available in the UK while the most extreme customer might have his eyes on the limited edition G63 6x6 which features six 37” wheels and is the second most expensive new Mercedes of all-time after the SLS Electric Drive.

G-Class / G63 AMG Models Currently For Sale

2015/65 - Mercedes G63 AMG 463 Edition - £127,950
Colour:Designo Magno Night Black with Black Leather interior
2013/13 - Mercedes G63 AMG - £94,950
Colour:Satin Black with Black Designo Leather
2015/65 - Mercedes AMG G63 Edition 463 - £SOLD
Colour:Obsidian Black with Black Leather
2016/66 - Mercedes G63 AMG - £SOLD
Colour:Obsidian Black with Designo Black Leather

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Previously Sold

2006/56 - Mercedes G 55 AMG - LHD - £SOLD
Colour:Brilliant Silver with Designo Black Leather
2011/61 - Mercedes G55 AMG BRABUS - £SOLD
Colour:Obsidian Black with Cream Leather
2011/61 - Mercedes G55 AMG - £SOLD
Colour:Obsidian Black with Chablis Designo Leather
2014/64 - Mercedes G350 CDI BlueTEC - £SOLD
Colour:Obsidian Black with Black Leather
2013/13 - Mercedes G63 AMG - £SOLD
Colour:Calcite White with Black Designo Leather
2011/11 - Mercedes G350 BlueTEC - £SOLD
Colour:Flint Grey with Designo Black Nappa Leather
2012/12 - Mercedes G350 CDI BlueTEC - £SOLD
Colour:Designo Graphite with Black Leather
2012/62 - Mercedes G63 AMG - £SOLD
Colour:Obsidian Black with Black Leather
2013/13 - Mercedes G63 AMG - £SOLD
Colour:Designo Magno with Black Designo Leather
2012/12 - Mercedes G55 AMG - £SOLD
Colour:Obsidian Black with Black Designo Leather
2014/64 - Mercedes G63 AMG - £SOLD
Colour:Iridium Silver with Black Designo Leather
2013/13 - Mercedes G350 BlueTEC - £SOLD
Colour:Palladium Silver with Black Leather
2014/64 - Mercedes G63 AMG - £SOLD
Colour:Polar White with Designo Black Leather
2014/64 - Mercedes G350 CDI BlueTEC - £SOLD
Colour:Magnetite Black with Porcelain Designo Leather
2015/15 - Mercedes G63 AMG - £SOLD
Colour:Designo Graphite Grey with Sand/Black Designo Leather
2015/65 - Mercedes AMG G63 - £SOLD
Colour:Obsidian Black with Designo Black Leather
2016/16 - Mercedes AMG G63 Edition 463 - £SOLD
Colour:Designo Mystic Blue with Two Tone Designo Porcelain Leather
2014/14 - Mercedes G63 AMG Brabus - £SOLD
Colour:Obsidian Black with Black Designo Diamond Quilted Leather